The vineyard is an harmony between different species of animals and plants. In my vines I give great importance to the wild herbs that protect the soil from erosion and, once cutted, naturally produce humus.
Microorganisms and mycorrhizae in the soil interact with the root system of plants and increase the capacity of absorption, resistance to disease, well-being.

If I use antifungals and systemic insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers there would not be a vital environment to ensure the health of the grapes, the soil conservation and a good ecosystem.

“I do not want to destroy the vine diseases; I want to control them to get the vines live in the most natural possible way.”

My vineyards are 65 years old at least and are located in the territory of Alfiano Natta in Monferrato area.There are 90% vines of Barbera and the left 10% are composed by 14 other ancient indigenous grape varieties.

The rediscovery of some of these varieties is the future of my wine business.

The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes, which allow us to limit the oxidation of the wort before arriving at the cellar. Pressing and stripping occur within 4-5 hours after harvest. The fermentation of the grapes takes place spontaneouly, without the addition of yeast.

The wine is aged 12 months in oak barrels; when it’s ready, it is poured into steel for a few months in order to stabilize it.

Before bottling a few grams of sulfites per hectolitre are added to the wine, in order to preserve the product.