“The result of traditional practices is a ruby red wine with dark impenetrable to light, as if to evoke the title of the book by Paolo Ferrero When Barbera was black‘.”

Scatti di Gusto
Article on the 5th of may 2011 – Katie Parla | Read the article (italian language) >

“When me and Marco Gatti  tasted Morej 2010 wine, he looked at me as if he had flashbacked to his grandparents’ house in Rosignano Monferrato, set with agnolotti and salami

La Stampa
Article on the 13th of june 2013 – Paolo Massobrio | Read the article (italian language) >

A wine-philosophy that is a breath of fresh air for those who believe in genuine and unadulterated wines

Senza Trucco
Article on the 8th of july 2014 – Giulia Graglia | Read the article (italian language) > >