morej-etichettaMOREJ – RED WINE

Morej” in Piedmontese dialect means brown/dark. This wine is the highest expression of Barbera and other old wine varieties. Produced only in great vintages.

Morej 2014: Morej 2014 is the result of a very rainy season, lie a “without summer” one. The grape selection in the vineyard was extremely tiring and led to harvest half of the regular production. For the first time, the alcohol content was within 14 degrees, which enhanced perfumes and complexity. Mint sensations on the nose and on the palate; a lot of freshness and minerality.

rovej-etichettaROVEJ – RED WINE

“Rovej”, in Piedmontese dialect, means “brambles”. From abandoned vineyards, surrounded by brambles, gems were taken to make the present vines.
It is a red-berry vine that matures at the same time as Barbera and which, like the Baratuciat, has an extraordinary resistance to fungal diseases and drought. It produces sparse bunches with very small berries that resemble blueberries. The yield in must is very low. The resulting wine has a rich dry extract and tannin that allows it to evolve for a long time.It was one of the many “improvement vines” that the old vine-growers planted among the rows of Barbera to obtain a more complex wine.

Rovej 2015: unfiltered wine. Mint, tobacco and cherry on the nose. On the mouth extreme balance with silky tannins.

preja-etichettaPREJA - WHITE WINE

“Preja”, in Piedmontese, means stone. The last Baratuciat vine from which I took the gems to make the current vines was found right on a surfacing stone.

This is an endangered white grape variety originating in Almese (TO), extremely resistant to Peronospora, Oidium and prolonged drought.

It has late ripening (contemporary with Nebbiolo) and the ripe bunches have a splendid pink color.

The resulting wine always has a high acidity, low alcohol content, an important structure and flavor. Wine intended for long aging able to evolve in mineral, hydrocarbon and camphor notes.

Preja 2015: first micro-vinification of a very hot vintage. Unfiltered wine with citrus and iodized sensations.

Preja 2016: bottling expected on March 2018.






Born from friendship with Tommaso Gallina, Castelletto Merli winemaker, the “Quatman” (Piedmontese dialect) it’s a wine designed and produced by four hands. Made from two small vineyards located in the woods; the harvest is made a bit before grapes reach the maximum maturity.

Fruit sensations on the nose and feeling of a grape juice”. Dedicated to all those use to say: no thanks, I do not drink.”