“The wine I produce is a moral duty towards those who have done it before me. Everything I have and everything I know, comes from Earth and Culture. One day, I hope to leave my land to whom will come after me, more healthy, clean and alive land than the one I’ve received.”

I’m Enrico; since 2010 I produce wine in the cellar, which was my grandfather’s. Making wine is a deep need of my personal being; is what I use to call “my demon”.

My cellar is located in Cardona, Alfiano Natta, located in the Monferrato hills, between the towns of Asti and Casale.

In 2013, the “Morej” was reported in “Top Hundred Golosaria” list by Paolo and Marco Gatti Massobrio.

From 2014, the wine labels are a tribute to my son and his first encounter with the grape. It was similar to mine: full of curiosity and joy.